Ad Units


Interstitials are static or animated ads that take up the entire screen of the device. The additional real estate provided by this ad unit allows advertisers to present a more comprehensive message to users. This translates into higher CTRs compared to banners, making this a prime form of advertising in the mobile space.


Banner ads are the tried-and-true format business have used to advertise their products, services or apps across online and mobile channels for several years. Even though it has fallen out of fashion, banners are still one of the mostly used ad formats and remain an important channel for the advertising industry.


Video is the hottest format in mobile advertising today. That’s why our team worked hard to deliver one of the best products in the market. Videos are pre-cached so they run smoothly from start to end and are optimized according to each device’s screen size and connection speed. This means more earnings for developers, higher conversion rates for advertisers, and improved ad viewing experience for users.


Looking for a non-intrusive but high paying form of monetization? We got you covered. Addictive Ad’s native format can be adjusted by developers to blend with the rest of the app’s user interface. Therefore, user experience of the app is not compromised.

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