Our campaign management team uses proprietary ad serving technology to aggregate millions of ad impressions every day to reach mobile users with specific traits. We programmatically decide which users are more likely to convert and use this data to re-target and seek out similar quality users for maximum performance.


Great Performance & ROI

Top-Notch Customer Service

Transparent Inventory

Great Performance & ROI

Our powerful algorithm analyzes the downstream events from your campaigns and optimize them on-the-go to maximize their reach and ROI across Addictive Ads billions of in-app impressions across the globe.

Granular Targeting:

Dedicated account managers take care of the entire campaign cycle, from budgeting to set up and delivering outstanding results, all while performing proactive cost-saving optimizations and providing detailed reporting.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Transparent Inventory

Our direct SDK inventory gives us more control of where and how ads are displayed, resulting in a better ad viewing experience for the final user. Addictive Ads also has all the appropriate internal processes and systems to deliver on our zero-tolerance policy of ad fraud.

Ad Units

Addictive Ads’ complete suite of ad units includes full screen interstitials, banners, native and video formats that engage users and drive results to our partners. Learn more. 

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